Special Precautions During COVID  

As we begin the new year, it is worth a few minutes to update you on what we are doing to keep you safe while continuing to care for your pets under the COVID protocol.  We continue to operate without much change to our schedule.  What has changed is our interaction with you.  Unfortunately, we are not able to let clients in for your pet’s visit.  This is for your protection as well as for ours.  So when you arrive, call or text us to let us know you are here and which parking spot you are in.  One of our staff will come to your car to escort your pet in for whatever services are scheduled.  Depending on what is to be done, you may wait in your vehicle until the exam is complete, or you may let him stay for part or all of the day.  The doctor will call you with pertinent information and recommendations.  After you check out with the receptionist, your pet will be brought back to your vehicle for the ride home.
Inside the clinic, we are following CDC guidelines for veterinary hospitals.  That entails disinfecting all common surfaces between each pet and deep cleaning daily.  We are all masked throughout our workday as social distancing while caring for a patient is impossible.  And how often can you actually wash your hands without them becoming desert-dry?   We are finding out.
We hope this gives you comfort that we are looking out for your safety when we are serving you.  If you have any questions or concerns, we would be glad to discuss with you.