Pet Boarding for Vacation

This time of year is a popular time for vacations – time to leave the cold, stressful daily grind behind and head off to sun, beach and bliss. However, taking your pet on vacation can be dangerous and stressful for both you and your pet. Finding a petsitter isn’t always easy either. The worry of trusting your furry loved ones in the care of another family member, friend or neighbor can be less than ideal when it comes to being gone for several days. Especially if your pet has serious health issues, needing a specific diet or important medications. We recommend hiring a professional that can offer around the clock care to put your mind at ease while on vacation.

We have full boarding facilities at ALL our three clinics. We offer your pet play time, baths and we make them feel right at home, allowing for you to bring in their favorite toys or blankets so they can feel right at home.

You can bring your pet’s special food with them when they stay with us. We will see to it that they receive the diet they are used to. Also, give them any medications that they need. 

Next time while planning a well deserved relaxing vacation, plan for your pet to be in great care, keeping them safe, socialized and loved while you’re away. We can make sure they are bathed and ready for you when you ready to pick them up and take them back home!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Your Pets ❤

We love our pets! Love is important to our entire lives, the love we feel with our furry friends likely emerged because we see our pets as furry, cute, comforting, enjoyable and constantly reliable. In fact, we love our pets as much as our own family members. Consider these factors … they live inside our home, we give them names, they have their own personalities. That means that they live in the same social space that we do which endows them with very human attributes which makes them very much distinguished from the rest of the animal world. We know they are highly intelligent. We know that they communicate well with each other and even with us – with that being said, being that close with your pet, in my book … makes them true family, whom we truly love, human or animal. Give your pet a long hug, more playtime or extra treat (not chocolate of course!) this month for Valentine’s Day, they deserve it. Your love for them is validated and they need and love you too! ❤