Leaving your Pet at Home … Again

All the extra time spent with your pet during quarantine was surly special for your you and your furry friend. However, all good things must come to an end. We know this day would come but our pets sure didn’t. They might be confused, sad and depressed upon you returning to work. Separation anxiety is especially common among dogs. You may notice a more destructive behavior, house soiling, and excessive vocalization. If you have been thinking about getting some entertainment for your dog, now would be a good time. Some good ideas include hiring a dog walker, even a day or two per week would be exciting and a change of pace for your pet. Doggy day care (one time a week can make a difference), provide mentally stimulating toys such as treat puzzles, leave on the TV or radio, or you may even consider getting another pet (only works if they get along). Above all, be patient with your friend, change can be tough on your pet. Enjoy the nights, weekends and anytime at home together, making sure that even though the days may now be inconsistent, the love you share will be forever consistent.