Trick or Treat with Bellevue Animal Clinic

Halloween is coming!  Costumes galore!

Children will be ringing your doorbell hoping you give them a treat. But we, at Bellevue Animal Clinic want to make sure you are able to protect your furry little friends on this night of fun for children.

For starters, if your animal is skittish of visitors at the door, you may want to allow them to be in their safe space (kennel or back bedroom).  They may require a few extra cuddles tonight to assure them that you want to keep them safe.

But here’s the real fun!  COSTUMES!We know you want to show off your critters as they don the looks of a completely different character, but remember that these little guys have feelings too.  Watch your pet carefully for signs that they are uncomfortable in the costume you use.  Be sure to make sure it fits properly.  If it is too small, your pup may be in pain for part of the night.  If it is too big, they might be tripping over their attire.  They could get a little too warm, based on the weather that day.  And by the way…. We want to see your little buddies all suited up. Join us on Facebook, and post a pic of your pets all dressed and ready for some treats.

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Speaking of treats, your fuzzy companions may be hoping to sneak a little (or lot) of the sweets that may be around your house.  But this is very dangerous.  Please keep all candy and sweets out of reach for your pets (and maybe you too – dad tax on candy all gets me!)

Bellevue Animal Clinic and our partners sure hope that you have a fun safe holiday with your best friends!