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Traveling Safely with Pets

Tips for bringing your furry friends along by car, train, or plane. Planning a trip can be stressful… especially when you don’t know what to do with your pet. Some animals make great travel companions, but just like humans, each pet is unique and reacts to the world differently. These tips will help you and […]

Does Your Pet Have Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal pet allergies and how to identify them and care for them. For some people, warm weather means itchy eyes and a runny nose, but did you know that many animals also suffer from seasonal allergies? If your pet gets itchy during spring, summer, or even fall, they are probably reacting to seasonal, environmental allergens. […]

National Chip your Pet Month

May is NATIONAL MICROCHIP YOUR PET MONTH!  A LARGE number of these pets who are found as strays, and unfortunately, for one reason or another, not reunited with their owners, and end up in a shelter. A microchip for your pet can mean the difference between lost and found. Although tags and collars are important, […]

Heartworm and Your Pet

  Heartworm is a preventable, but serious and potentially fatal, parasite that primarily infects dogs, cats and ferrets. It can also infect a variety of wild animals, including wild canids (e.g., foxes, wolves, coyotes), wild felids (e.g. tigers, lions, pumas), raccoons, opossums, and pinnipeds (e.g., sea lions and seals), as well as others. There have […]

What You Need To Know About Dog Seizures

Your usual welcome from when you get home from work is absent. Instead your favorite furry friend seems unsteady and confused.Then he flops to the floor. Even though he’s not aware of what is happening, he looks like he’s treading water. He’s having a dog seizure. Your scared for him and don’t know what to […]

Help Pets Affected by Hurricane Irma & Harvey

As a Result of Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Harvey, Thousands of Animals Need Our Help. You may be asking yourself; “How can I help these animals that have been affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey?” Donate to the Humane Society of the U.S. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has been working tirelessly with local […]

Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool this Summer

7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool this Summer, PetMD Jessica Remitz 1. Get the Details There are two major reasons pets get overheated, Dr. Aspros said, hyperthermia and their upper respiratory systems. Hyperthermia occurs when animals are trapped in an environment (like a car or the beach on a hot day) that overwhelms their ability […]

Freshwater Fish Aquarium/Tank Maintenance

How to Clean Your Freshwater Aquarium Cleaning your aquarium isn’t as hard as setting it up. Monitor the pH levels and visible gunk regularly and change your filter cartridge every two to four weeks. Perform a 25 percent water change every two to four weeks as well. You can use algae scrubbers and other tools […]