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Guinea Pig Care

Looking for a pet that’s gentle and lovable but doesn’t require the run of the house? Then you may want to consider a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are one of several small, domesticated mammal species commonly known as “pocket pets.” While we’re not sure how they got their name, guinea pigs have been bred for […]

Ferret Care

Popular because of their small size, their playfulness, and their friendly disposition, ferrets can be great companions. They do however require a lot of care and supervised attention. Members of the Mustelidae family, ferrets are related to minks, polecats, weasels, and otters. It is believed that ferrets were domesticated 2,000 years ago in Europe when […]

Bird Care

Bird Care Sheet (pdf)   Supplies Cage: Ask your veterinarian as different birds need different cages. Here are some must-haves: -The cage must be big enough for your bird to stretch his/her wings and fly -The cage must be made from nontoxic (nonpoisonous) material -The cage base must be so hard that your bird can’t […]

Box Turtle Care

Box turtles are one of the most common reptile pets in the United States. With proper care they are long-lived, with life spans of 30 to 40 years and perhaps much longer. Unfortunately, they are among the most neglected reptiles in captivity because most people do not know how to care for them properly.   […]

Rabbit Care

Rabbit Care Sheet (pdf)   Supplies -A solid-bottom cage. Don’t get a wood cage, because rabbits chew wood. -Small to medium rabbits need a cage that’s at least four feet wide, two feet deep and two feet tall. Double the size for a large rabbit. -Ceramic or metal food bowl only. Bunnies chew plastic. -A […]

Caring for Your Gerbil

Supplies -Aquariums are better than cages because cages might have bars that gerbil feet can get caught in and break. A well-ventilated aquarium with a top that seals so your gerbil can’t push up on it and escape is best. -Line the aquarium/cage with shredded paper (newspaper or paper towels) or recycled paper bedding (no […]

Zoonotic Diseases

In 64 million American households pets are a source of joy and perhaps even the key to longer, healthier lives. However, pet-owning households with young children, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems need to be aware that their animals can play host to disease-causing microorganisms. Humans are not likely to catch a disease […]

When is it an emergency?

Most pet owners have been in a situation like this: Buster slipped on the way down the stairs and now he’s walking with a limp. It’s 11:00 at night – should you call your veterinarian, or are you just being a worrywart?   You’re never wrong to call If you’re concerned about your pet, you should never […]

What’s in your pet’s food?

When you are choosing a can or bag of pet food, you have dozens of choices. In addition to the normal “tuna delights” and “beef dinners,” there are many specialty foods on the shelves that are designed to control weight, combat renal (kidney) disease, and control allergies—plus there are foods for all-around nutrition. Have you […]


  There are few people who claim they have a favorite tick, but Susan Little, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM from the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences at Oklahoma State University knows hers. “The lone star tick is beautiful, ecologically successful, aggressive, and an extraordinary transmitter of diseases,” shares Little. Although only Ixodes, a genus of […]