How to Tell if Your Pet is Stressed

In Part 1 of 3 of a blogging series regarding stress in animals, we will give you tips on how to tell whether or not your pet is stressed. As a Veterinary practice, Bellevue Animal Pet Clinic -Little Rock, AR, we see animal stress multiple times a day. So we feel it is important to inform our clients on ways to identify stress in their animals. Today we will discuss the most common indicators of stress in animals.

Some of the Most Common Indicators of Stress in Animals Include:

  1. Changes in digestive patterns
    • diarrhea
    • constipation
    • vomitingseptember-16-2016-2
  2. Change in sleep pattern
    • Most of the time we see an increase in sleep as a stress indicator
  3. Change in eating habits
    • Usually a decrease in appetite is an indicator for stress in the animal
  4. Isolation from people and other pets
  5. Aggression towards people or other pets
  6. Irregular urinating patterns
    • For cats that would mean urinating outside the litter box
    • For dogs this may mean urinating in inappropriate places
    • For all animals it may mean not urinating as much or urinating too much
  7. Excessive licking or scratching

Be sure to check out the next blog post for the top causes of stress in animals.

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