Fall Pet Care Tips

Fall is upon us.  School is back in session. Your pets are now home alone for longer periods of time. The Weather is starting to become cooler.  Here are a few tips to remember as we get farther into this beautiful season.

  • Watch for School Supplies
    It’s back to school time, and you likely have many school supplies laying around the house.  Things like glue sticks, pencils, and magic markers are considered “low toxicity” to pets and children.  But they are still toxic.  They may not cause severe problem if they are ingested, but upset tummies and intestinal blockages are a definite possible.  Not to mention the mess you may have to clean from leaving these items in paws’ reach.  Make sure your students take good care of their supplies.
  • Pets Become Lonely
    Now that kids are back in school and parents are back to regular work schedules, your pets are often left home for 6-10 hours at a time.  Your pets can actually develop depression.  Your canine friends are born to be with you all the time.  They adore you, and when you aren’t available to them as often, they get sad. This can cause some destructive behaviors.  Consider hiring a dog walking service to get your best friends out of the house for a few minutes. Plus if they are puppies and elderly pets, they will definitely need a potty break. And allowing them to get up and move around will keep your elderly pets a bit more active, which will in turn keep the circulatory system healthy and ease the pain of arthritis.
  • Inside Spaces are Important
    As the temperatures begin to drop, it is important to keep your pets indoors.  Giving them the opportunity to get out for potty breaks is important.  But giving them a warm place to spend their time is also important.

Hope these little things help!

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