FDA Statement on Grain-Free Diets

The FDA has published a statement regarding the feeding of “grain-free, boutique and exotic diets” in dogs.  In the statement, it is stated that there is an increase in incidence of a heart condition (dilated cardiomyopathy) that is life-threatening.  At this time, it is not known the exact deficiency, but the result is an enlarged heart with loss of ability to circulate blood throughout the body.  With this in mind, our recommendations are to avoid these grain-free diets.  These diets list the carbohydrate source on the label which are usually peas, legumes, or potato.

There are countless brands and varieties of pet foods on the market.  Your best assurance is to feed a diet that has gone through “food trials” in which the diet is fed to a group of dogs for an extended time period.  The dogs are evaluated for proper health maintenance during this trial period and beyond.  The four companies currently producing diets that have gone through the food trials are Hill’s Science Diet, Purina (Purina ONE, ProPlan), Iams/Eukanuba, and Royal Canin.  Our recommendation is to feed a diet from one of these brands.

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