Halloween from a Pet’s Point of View

“All-Hallows-Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!”

Bette Midler said it best in Disney’s Halloween classic movie, “Hocus Pocus” … Halloween is a night for kids of all ages to have fun! This includes running around the neighborhood, ringing doorbells, indulging in chocolate and dressing to look completely different from the norm. All this is super fun for humans – but can be stressful and even terrifying for pets.

Stress – It may be a good idea to put your pet in a quiet room where they will be safe from all the chaos. Minimize noise by putting on some light music and give them a snack or toy to keep them busy.  

Candy – Keep candy safely stashed in a high cabinet secured with a safety latch. Foods such as chocolate, gum and xylitol (a sweetener used in many foods) are hazardous to pets. Also make sure to watch your kids! Children may think they are giving their furry friend a nice treat offering them a piece of candy, make sure they know that it can harm them.

Pet Costumes – Be mindful if dressing up your pet for Halloween. Consider their personality and what kind of costume they would tolerate. You’ll know if they are uncomfortable, so it may be a good idea to snap a quick pic and get them out as soon as possible. Wearing costumes can pose dangers and make your pet irritable. It’s best to keep costumes minimal. If your pet is getting annoyed, take off the costume. Signs would include folded down ears, eyes rolling back or sideways, tucked in tail or constantly being hunched over. 

Decorations – Changing the home can make your pets, especially cats, nervous or frightened. Some of these hazardous decor includes candles, rubber eyeballs, glow sticks, fake blood, fake cobwebs, potpourri, strung lights and even candy wrappers. 

Outdoors – It may also be a good idea to keep your pet indoors during the nightly frolicking. Bringing your dog along opens up the danger of running, biting or abnormal behavior – after all of us humans are acting abnormal too!

Overall, be safe and have fun with your furry family this Halloween!

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