Causes of Stress in Pets

In Part 2 of 3 of a blogging series regarding stress in animals, we will give you information on the most common cause of stress in animals. As a Veterinary practice, Maumelle Animal Pet Clinic – Maumelle, AR we see animal stress multiple times a day. So we feel it is important to inform our clients on ways to identify stress in their animals. Today we will discuss reasons why pets become stressed. 

Why Has My Animal Become Stressed?:

  1. Boredom
    • Like humans, pets require physical and mental stimulation
      • Set aside a time every day that is dedicated towards playtime for you and your pet
      • Be sure to take your dog out for daily walks to burn off some of their energy
  2. Changes in Environment / Daily Life
    • Moving into a new house
    • Going to the Vet for a check-up
    • Change in the daily routine
      • especially during the holidays, back-to-school time and even after a vacation
    • Perhaps a new fury (or non fury) friend has joined the family
  3. Physical Health
    • Many times parasites lead to increased stress on your animals
    • Physical Trauma tends to lead to stress in your animal
    • Illness
      • once an animal gets ill, their schedule gets changed a bit which as we all know leads to stress

Be sure to check out the next blog post for solutions to decrease the amount of stress your pet has!


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