Microchipping Your Pet, Advice From Your Pet Clinic Little Rock AR

Advice from Your Local Pet Clinic Little Rock AR

With Spring coming very soon, this is the perfect time to Microchip your pet. Some of you may be wondering what “microchipping your pet” means? Here’s the rundown; a microchip is a permanent method of electronic identification for your pet. If your pet were to ever get lost and someone finds them

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Why Should I Microchip My Pet?

An integral part of assuring your pet’s safety and well-being includes making sure your pet can be identified if he or she is ever lost and found. All three of our clinics can assist you with this through the process of microchipping. Please ask us about this very important service. You may also visit Home Again online at http://public.homeagain.com for more information on this national identification and recovery system.

How is the Chip Inserted into My Pet?

The chip itself is very small – about the size of a grain of rice – and is implanted subcutaneously (just under the skin) between the shoulder blades at the back of your pet’s neck. Each chip has a unique number that is detected using a microchip scanner. The microchip number is recorded in a microchip database registry with details about the animal and owner.”

The procedure is performed at your veterinarian’s office and is simple and similar to administering a vaccine or a routine shot. The microchip comes preloaded in a sterile applicator and is injected under the loose skin between the shoulder blades. The process takes only a few seconds, and your pet will not react any more than he would to a vaccination.

How Does the Microchip Scanner Work?

pet clinic little rock arPet microchips are not tracking devices and do not work like global positioning devices (GPS). They are radio-frequency identification (RFID) implants that provide permanent ID for your pet. Because they use RFID technology, microchips do not require a power source like a GPS. When a microchip scanner is passed over the pet, the microchip gets enough power from the scanner to transmit the microchip’s ID number. Since there’s no battery and no moving parts, there’s nothing to keep charged, wear out, or replace. The microchip will last your pet’s lifetime.

If your pet gets lost and is taken to a vet clinic or animal shelter, your pet will be scanned for a microchip to reveal his unique ID number. That number will be called into the pet recovery service, and you will be contacted using the contact information on file with your pet’s microchip.

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