Reducing the Stress in Your Animal’s Life

In Part 3 of 3 of a blogging series regarding stress in animals, we will give you tips on reducing the amount of stress in your pet’s life. As a Veterinary practice, Treasure Hill Animal Pet Hospital – Little Rock, AR, we see animal stress multiple times a day. So we feel it is important to inform our clients on ways to identify stress in their animals. Today we will discuss how to reduce your animal’s stress. 

Reducing Stress in an Animal’s Life:

  1. Spend more time with them
    • Like humans, pets require physical and mental stimulation
      • As we discussed in the last blog post, pets can easily get bored. By spending more time with them, their stress levels will be going down!september-16-2016-3
  2. Introduce them to the new home
    • Before moving into the new home, take your pets with you a couple times so that they can get used to the new environment.
    • During the moving process; we recommend using the “safe room” method with cats
      • dedicate one room where your cat can hang out while the moving process happens.
      • this method uses confinement as a key tool to decrease the stress levels in your cat
  3. Keep your animal healthy
    • Be sure to keep up on all of your pet’s vaccines.
    • Yearly vet check-ups are highly recommended!
    • Schedule One Today!

Thank You for reading our 3 part blogging series all about Stress in Animals!

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